Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Harry Trinity and Edgar Cayce

01.October.2014.                                                           Karmic Date: 017-91-201156784.
I believe in the “Harry Trinity:” The father, Harry Bosch; the son, Harry Potter; and the ghost, Harry Dresden. They, along with Edgar Cayce, are the ancestors of the fantasy that is Dr. Madison Muttnick.
They provided the literary embryonic material, which when grafted together on the pages of my book, mutated into a fictional Karmic Knight on a journey. I have documented that pilgrimage in Murder by Natural Causes.  
The Mad Mutt owes his essence and backbone to the members of the “Harry Trinity,” even though, but his birth certificate states Montgomery Muttnick, theWidowMaker, a mafia hitman, is his daddy.     
Dr. Muttnick is not the only child of Montgomery Muttnick. He has another son. 
Montgomery Muttnick, through his passionate deception – a secret affair with a female Watcher – fathered a Holigoon Warrior and an Archangel of Satan.
The Holigoons are the spawn of humans and fallen angels called Watchers. The Supreme Being, The Word, sent The Watchers to observe humankind, but not interact physically. Some Watchers were too tempted and deceived by The Fallen One, Satan. These Watchers became involved with humanity in ways of the flesh and other sins meant to destroy the integrity of the Tapestry of Fate. Satan hoped by doing so to recruit humankind to his side in the War of the Ages. 
The Tapestry imposes order on humanity, directing them to evolve toward enlightenment and Paradise. The Tapestry is the specific curriculum scheduled for each soul during its lives on earth - reincarnation is a process of education for the soul. Every lifetime should instruct a soul in some aspect of Godliness, thereby strengthening the essence of that soul. Knowledge evolves soul.
Some souls are evolved to the point where The Word drafts them into Its army. Although these souls are not perfect, their level of education allows them to be trusted as guardians of humankind’s fate.  
Murder by Natural Causes is the first manuscript in a fictional series. It is a murder mystery set in a fantasy world. Dr. Madison Muttnick is an apprentice Karmic Knight, the lowest level of The Word’s army. He has much to learn, and only one life to give for now. 
Lewis Preschel M.D.  

What's it all about Mad Mutt?

01.October.2014.                                                           Karmic Date: 017-91-201156784.

I have taken down all the preceding posts on his blog. In the future, this blog will contain an archive of documents and data related to the journey of a Karmic Knight. What is a Karmic Knight you ask? He or she is a member of The Word's army on earth. They protect eternal justice and the Tapestry of Fate. 
I will flesh out Dr. Madison Muttnick’s world from Sea Mead, New Jersey to the Library of the Futures in the Caves of Tayos; the Plane of Time; and the Akashic Records in the secret room at the foot of the Sphinx.
I will document extraneous backstory for major characters in the manuscript, including but not limited to: Katherine Muttnick Woodcox, Dr. Samael Grigory, and Rose Ryan. Some readers may enjoy knowing the character’s history, and some may not. By reading this blog, these characters reveal themselves to you. They become real with flesh, bones, needs and desires. 
I will explore the world of the Holigoons and their leader the Fallen One.
I hope to document the history of the Karmic Knights from the days of Enoch and the Knights Templar to modern day misconceptions such as the Masons, and the Illuminati.
My hope is that this will add to my readers’ experience. They can live in Mutt’s world for an afternoon or evening and escape today. The present - News reports and events of the day - being crazier but, unfortunately, less imaginary than anything I can create. 
Goodness truly exist in Mutt’s world, I am not sure reality can honestly compete with that. 
So please return to my Karmic Knight Blog perpetually to see what new events and situation I detail as it concerns life where souls are re-cycled for their good, and learning is experienced every lifetime. Re-incarnation is not just about this life, but the last one and the next one, and all your futures and all your pasts.
The errors that happen this life, are temporary, the responsibilities they generate are eternal. Welcome to the evolving world of Karma. Why not view your account in the Eternal Bank of Souls to see where your Karmic balance presently stands?
Lewis Preschel M.D. 

A New Beginning

The manuscript is fully drafted. Therefore, I am taking down the old blog and putting up a new one, which is more appropriate to the final product I have written.
Thank you everyone who has visited this blog previously.

I hope you enjoyed the new postings. They will be concerned with the world of Dr. Madison Muttnick, grade I Karmic Knight, as it exists within the fantasy created by the author. Mutt lives every day in my mind. 

The blog completes and fleshes out the world in which my fantasy occurs.
FANTASY means it is not reality or factual, but I will try to make it real for the reader. I would use the word docu-fiction to describe my writing, because often facts from the our world influence my mind, and therefore my fantasy. 

The events, while parallel to some from the real world, depict no specific individual and no specific location other than the addresses exist in my head from Sea Mead New Jersey. The story, plot and characters are all imaginary.

It is better that way, they do exactly what I tell them to do. What a dream for a 'control freak.'  

So here we go. The World according to Madison Muttnick MD, Karmic Knight, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, and fictional character dreamed up in Monmouth County New Jersey by an old coot who once practiced medicine, and holds an MLIS from Rutgers University. Go Scarlet Knights.

Please enjoy. 
Lewis Preschel M.D.